With great pleasure the following announcement!
Anneke is part of the new (cool) drawing collective ‘Tekenmeesters’. Together with Gemma (Tegelaers), Beerd (Gieteling) and Helene (Aarts) we will infect the Netherlands (to begin with) with the drawingvirus. Drawing in the outdoors, drawing to be designing or drawing to imagine, Tekenmeesters will show (you) it all.
Follow a drawing course, join us on our drawing travels or attend a Tekenmeesters event!

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An intimate exposition in the tiniest coffeehouse of the world (not totally sure but it certainly sounds good): Anneke’s drawnscapes-on-coffeehouse-tour continues! The exposition will be ‘in the air’  till 28 December 2015. And enjoying the most delicious coffee whilst gazing at the endless drawnscapes on the first floor measuring 10 square metres makes tiny space more relative than ever.
Going DDWeeking on StrijpS? Do stop for a coffee then!


Drawnscape 08107 got published in Trouw. The picture accompanies the article “In a compact world everything is better”,  a review of the new book ‘Alles wordt beter – nou ja, bijna alles’ by Simon Rozendaal.

20150907 trouw_kl_anneke vervoortjpg20150907 trouw_tekst_anneke vervoortjpg08107 drawnscape_trouw_klein_zonder schaduw

This year we did it again! Drawing in the city centre of Den Bosch. The cathedral of Sint Jan was again main target this year. Always good to be there! See you next year (first sunday in June)

20150607 BAS dag

Bram, Vincent, Clemens en Peter. This magnificent compact drawing gang went drawing in the surroundings of Maastricht. Drawing whilst sitting barefoot in the grass, really, that’s the real thing! Drawing grass and dragons…….and grassdragons (perhaps). The painting of a grassdragon is a collective ‘art’ (what a team!). Thanks guys for a nice day!

20150523 maastricht

The most vibrant Coffeehouse of Tilburg is now housing an exposition of Anneke’s drawnscapes. Nice coffee, nice lunchdishes and nice drawings! In short the place to be!

The exposition will be there till medio june. Let me know what you think of it!

Buutrvij is located in the Stationstraat 49 in the centre of Tilburg. A 3 minutes walk form central station. Buutvrij is opened Tuesday till sunday. Tuesday till friday from 9:00 till 18:00, saterday from 10:00 till 18:00 and sunday from 12:00 till 18:00.


During the DDW 2014 in Eindhoven Anneke’s etching series will be shown in the designhuis. The drawings are part of the exposition Tilburg Ontwerp + Design Eindhoven curated by Jan Doms. The exposition will be opened from 18 till 26 october from 9.00 u – 22.00 u and is free of charge.


Together with bram hurkens anneke finished the wall drawing of the panoramic view of heerlen in a recordtime of 29 hours. Best seen when standing in the middle of the room you can also watch the video placed on youtube for a impression. (click here to go to youtube)

Friday 26th of september the exposition ‘heerlen unbuilt’ will be opened. The opening will be at 17:30 in the glaspaleis in heerlen. You are all welcome!

You can visit the exhibition till 18th of januari 2015.

many thanks to bram hurkens and eva vervoort.