Anneke’s drawings got published in the extremely interesting book from Nalina Moses: Single handedly, contemporary architects draw by hand.

“Part of the generation of architects who were trained to draw both by hand and with digital tools, Nalina Moses recently returned to hand drawing. Finding it to be direct, pleasurable, and intuitive, she wondered whether other architects felt the same way. Single-Handedly is the result of this inquiry. An inspiring collection of 220 hand drawings by more than forty emerging architects and well-known practitioners from around the world, this book explores the reasons they draw by hand and gives testimony to the continued vitality of hand drawing in architecture. The powerful yet intimate drawings carry larger propositions about materials, space, and construction, and each one stands on its own as a work of art.”

The book is for sale for example here at
Costs only 33 euro, that’s no money at all!

Hoeray Anneke won the drawing contest of the 2018 BASday competition! Celebrations went on deep into the night;).
See the drawing results at “drawings/Den Bosch”.

It was nice meeting new sketchfanatics at the Tekenmeester sketchpedition to the inspiring ‘Festivities of abondoned buildings’.
We visited the Korenbeurs and the Havenkerk. What a nice town Schiedam is.
Certainly coming back one day… draw! Onwards to the next Sketchpedition!

At the moment Anneke is toying around with her new 3D pen. The interesting part of this technique is the creation of a 3-dimensional model and keeping the sketchy lines of a conventional inkdrawing. More to come!


16 & 17th of July Anneke went on a drawingtrip to the ‘Landschaftspark Duisburg’. Super cool industrial site, 24h free access and an extinguished blast furnace functioning as a viewing tower! A ‘candyshop’  for drawing-excursions! Together with Tekenmeester Gemma and co-drawers Jolanda, Noa and Juanita we had a wonderful time worth repeating.

See ‘drawings/ diversen buitenland’ for the results.


Open drawing BAS-day 2016. New members in a well known surrounding. The city of Den Bosch once again showed us her beauty. Congrats to Eva and Gemma for winning first prize! And of course to Beerd who managed to eat his Bossche Bol with bare hands (see below). That’s our Beerd!

Look at drawings/diversen Nederland for the results.


All 4art shops in the Netherlands are handing out (with buying a certain amount of artistical stuff) this VERY COOL shopper bag.
The bag showcases one of Anneke’s drawnscapes. If you ask at the desk of these shops nicely they will also sell these groovy bags for a very soft price (4 euro’s)
Keep me posted when you succeed in seizing such a collectors item!

(look here for location of the respective shops)


18 the of march Tekenmeester Gemma and Anneke went sketchploring. Exploring the city of Den Bosch they stumbled upon the collapsed pearl shop. The wreckage was still untouched and whilst drawing the grievous scenario and hearing all background conversations it made an impressive impression.

See for full scale result  drawings/ diversen nederland

compilatie pearl den bosch_klein copy